About Tara Cobalt Coy, LMT #15170

Cobalt began their journey in the healing arts in 1996. They received their 1200 hour certification from Praxis College of Healing Arts and Sciences in Oklahoma City, OK, after finishing their Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Cobalt’s training includes Sports, Myoskeletal Alignment, Swedish, Thai, Polarity, Shamanic Journeying, Craniosacral, Bowenwork, Tensegrity Medicine, Lymphatic Drainage, Reciprocal Glide with Ligament Stimulation and Neurovascular Release. In 2010, they began working with the American Bowen Academy (ABA), and is practicing as an advanced Bowenwork® Practitioner. They are a Bowenwork Instructor with ABA and the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, and teach certification trainings in Portland, OR.

Cobalt enjoys facilitating the client’s awareness of body, mind, and spirit.  They listen to clients’ needs and tailor each treatment, using a combination of procedures to balance out the tension patterns in the body, mind and spirit. Empowered to unwind and relax, the client’s body finds alignment and balance of tension and expansion, using its natural healing processes to repair itself.

“Cobalt is a powerful and amazing healer. They are extremely gifted as a Bowen practitioner. They are a very intuitive healer. When I receive a Bowen treatment with Cobalt, I experience something rare and priceless: a powerful space held to facilitate my own healing on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. I truly feel they know exactly what my body, mind, emotions, and spirit needs to heal as they guide me in the right direction. They are a very compassionate person and a careful listener. Cobalt does an excellent job and I always feel restored and wonderful after every visit.”-Sue

Contact Cobalt at (503) 545-6248 or asimplebalance@gmail.com