Hours & Locations

A Simple Balance

All sessions will be held at North Portland studio until further notice. (My New SE location will be closed due to /Covid-19 and the lack of accessibility to an onsite bathroom.)

Monday-Thursday 9:00 am-4:30 pm 

To check for availability outside these hours, contact Cobalt directly at: (503) 545-6248 or asimplebalance@gmail.com

Download Client Intake Form [PDF]

“After a session with Cobalt, cranky body parts ease into a pain free state, areas that have felt caught or stuck are freed up, and I leave feeling all put back together. There is a delicious sense of everything working in harmony, neurons firing, cells talking to each other, everything lining up as it should–not sure how else to say it. Cobalt has an extensive knowledge of how muscles and tissue and fascia work, excellent detective skills and an ever expanding toolbox of techniques. I’ve had many kinds of bodywork over the years and find her approach unique in the degree of deep physical well being I experience at the end of the session.”– Courtney F